I was born in the previous millennium, at a time when not everyone had a telephone at home and the invention of the Walkman was an exciting technology. Today, to listen to music, you slide your hand on a screen - but in order to gain people's listening, you have to know how to press the right buttons!

My name is Ilanit Shavit, I am a multidisciplinary designer - expert in conveying messages in the local & global business world. I have had the privilege of being a hunter for over 20 years. Yes, a hunter! I hunt the attention of my customers & investors. I am approached by organizations, investors, startups or lecturers who want to inspire, instill confidence & do good business with them. I help them improve the performance in the meeting room, the lecture room, at conferences & online. I believe in putting question marks where there are exclamation marks! It allows me to deliver effective solutions that are free of prejudices & accepted ways. People usually call it stepping out of the box. For me, when it comes to conveying a message that produces a result - I don't believe in boxes, I go hunting! 
My name is Ilanit Shavit & telling a story that is supports phenomenal results, is my specialty.

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Connect. Inspire. Amaze.