she IS a free woman

Once upon a time, I knew a strong sweet lady with no special gestures, yet with big heart, modest soul and a great laugh. She was a character - a real stubborn lady. Maybe that what made her get to the age of 99 years and 11 months. At the age of 91, when her husband passed away she announced clear and slow in her heavy Hungarian accent: "NOW, I AM A FREE WOMAN".

What were the boundaries that made her be trapped? What made her be silent about it? What great life she could have had if only could say that saying earlier? I know I won't get any real answer for those questions. Yet, I realized I would like to adopt my grandma statement early as possible: be a free woman here and NOW!

What does freedom means?! It may be your personal dreams or your professional ambitions. It can be a small hesitated yearning or some big 'changing the world' goals. It may need some simple dusting or might need a long rescue journey. It may be a presence with full self-expression or just to say what's on your mind. It might feel inconvenient at the very first steps, but if new shoes, might feel uncomfortable at the beginning - why freedom cannot feel this way?

Do you let your imagination fly as high as possible? You don't have to wait until the age of 91. Be your firm leader to your desires and your fearless child that wants & wants & wants. Take the liberty to make mistakes, to be confused, to be a fool.

My first collection of bags is dedicated to those who wish to hold their dreams and fly with them.

The design is inspired by the world of kites that dance on the right wind devoted to their freedom up in the sky. By using the kite motive, the bags design carries a signal - a reminder to be free.

Wherever you are, I wish your thoughts; decisions & vision will take you to great places – the same way that my dreams took me.


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