My name is Ilanit Shavit and I am a multidisciplinary designer. For more than 20 years, I have been helping companies manifest clear and accurate messages in effective ways. My goal is not only to draw your clients' attention to what you have to deliver, but also to leave a lasting impression of that message, long after the interaction with them is over. By doing this, we strengthen your client’s engagement and most importantly - increase sales.

I run a unique studio with 2 fields of mastery:


A presentation is like a shop window. It should spark curiosity, tempting your audience to stick around and listen to what you have to tell them. Whether in the classroom or in the boardroom, whether you are a VP HR  with a dramatic change to implement in your organization or maybe you want to raise money for your life-changing start-up, an effective presentation has goals to achieve and targets to hit and you want to do it like a professional sniper.

There is a big WHAT and an important WHY!  Would you like to know HOW IT LOOKS? A good presentation is not merely a beautiful one. It must be in correlation with your goals and intentions. In every stage of the process, from the initial briefing to the designing of each slide, I make sure that the message is aligned with your targets and that every aspect of the design supports it.



Big or small - I believe that every exhibit must carry two major elements:

  • Your story / value / uniqueness - What is special about the products you intend to present in your booth? What are the advantages of your services? What is the value you provide to you clients?

  • Your DNA - You want to create a display that reflects the values of your organization. Those who speak about innovative service yet use a generic design for their booth – would find it hard to convince the passersby about their breakthrough solutions.


I seek and find ways for booths to stick out among the countless booths surrounding them. In addition, I work very hard to create a display that will remain memorable long after the show is over.


​Sometimes the design will carry a sense humor, sometimes it would be contrary to common beliefs in that field. In any case, the booth will always be serving the client's demands for the best (including things they did not know they were looking for :) creating the finest platform for great business - this is what it is all about, isn't it?!


  • Custom-made booths (carpentry, metal craft)

  • 2- story booths

  • Complex logistics

  • Re-building exhibits

  • Modular booths

  • Pop-up booths

  • Combination of custom-made booths with modular systems

  • Graphic design for exhibitions


I like to put question marks where I see exclamation points. It leads to creation that is free from prejudice  and beaten paths. I always look for new solutions to common needs and wants. "I design my life before I design presentations and exhibitions!!".


I believe that our lives are shaped by the thoughts, conversations, beliefs and choices we make. "ABRA CADABRA" - The Aramaic saying - expresses that by meaning "I CREATE AS I SPEAK!".

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