Ilanit Shavit is a multidisciplinary designer, specialized as an industrial designer (since 2000). Her designs have been exhibited in Barcelona, New York, Hong Kong, Munich, Cape Town & more beautiful places around the globe.



Ilanit is looking for new solutions to common products, creates designs that express a sense of freedom, excellent & folly yet provides useful gestures such as secret pockets & helpful hooks and relates to the whole body and full appearance.



The designs of Ilanit endowed with fresh, simple, classic & elegant approach. The design carries new connections & contrasts (such as new-old, fine-rough, inside-outside, clever-nonsense, and unusual-standard) in order to create interesting tension & good surprises.



"I design my life before I design products!!" The designer believes that our lives are shaped by the thoughts, talks, believes & choices we make. "ABRA CADABRA" - The Aramaic saying express it by saying "I create as I speak!"

The designer likes to put question marks where there are exclamation points. "It leads to a creation that is free from prejudices & known roads". At the same time, by being attentive to the natural truth of things, transforming weakness to advantages and looking for "happy mistakes", the design stays authentic and simple.

My Story

Welcome to my world!

I was born in Tel Aviv, to an artistic family; my father is a musician & my mother is a writer & a painter. Both exposed me to the joy of creativity, with the power of sounds, colors & words. They both let me discover my inside voice. Sometimes I needed to get lost in order to find my way…

When I was young ( & restless :-) & wondered what shall I be when I'll grow, I knew it will be a combination of "art" & "thinking". It was more than natural for me to studied industrial design & later to be a proficient designer in the commercial exhibition industry. Motivated for creating my own brand, I develop a new brand of handmade leather handbag, having my personal hand print. IS by ILANIT SHAVIT is a contemporary design label of extraordinary handmade leather bags. The design is genuine & endowed with fresh, simple yet sophisticated approach.


Why bags?
As part of our identity our belongings - tell almost all about us: our mood, our intentions, our destination etc. But bags are more than that. It captures a deep need for safe territory, a kind of a mobile shelter. I can see my kid's relationship with their own bags. It is a "no one can touch my things" insurance. Having the identity & emotional rolls - bags where always part of my concerned. As a teenager, I remember I changed my bag each day so it match the rest of my clothing. It didn't matter to me back than if it was too old, too used or totally uncomfortable. The look was the only thing that matters.

Now I am involved with my clients' concerned. I want you to have the coolest bag with you when you are going on your special date. I want you to hold the most refined bag escorting you along the aisle being a gorgeous bride holding your beloved husband next to you. I want you to have the right bag when you need to run against time, collecting your children from kindergarten, grabbing the keys & sun glass on your way out hoping you won't be the last one. I would like you to be able take care of your beloved shoes. Have them in your shoe bag – waiting for you shining just before getting into an important meeting (I stopped using my fine shoes when I'm driving).

Years I've been looking for the right bag for me & it was always a compromise.. I design my bag collection with the listing to the everyday needs yet keeping the style alive.

Fly with your dreams!

My first collection is dedicated to all that wants to hold their dreams and fly with them. Where ever you are, I hope your thoughts, decisions and vision will take you to great places. I hope you'll fly with your imagination & fulfill it like the perfect kite that dance on the right wind up to the sky. 

Fly with your dreams :) Ilanit

My studio


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